This short Bitsy game is a messy mish-mash of some of my thoughts after reading The Brothers Karamazov and a bunch of ideas I had about an odd, small town of ghouls and kids next to a graveyard. Reading that book is absolutely not a prerequisite for the enjoyment of this game.

What to expect from Ilyusha's Limbo?

  • 10-15 minutes of Bitsy gameplay (and a few surprises)
  • You can end the game at any point and restart anew by speaking to the phantom in the town's monastery. The goal is to explore the town and you can spend as little or as much time as you want.
  • An original, "trash-can Animal Crossing" soundtrack by me
  • Lots of bizarre sprite interactions
  • RIYL: the Pathologic games and/or the chaos and whimsy of Chibi-Robo's character interactions

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Tags2D, Atmospheric, Bitsy, Cute, Horror, Pixel Art, Short, Surreal, weird


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I really enjoyed playing this!! Excellent atmosphere :) I'm wondering, though, is there a way to open the locked doors?

Thank you, thank you!! Those doors are locked up for good, sadly. I definitely overlooked that aspect so thanks for pointing that out to me :)