What follows is a horrendously self-indulgent companion / alternate ending to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater; a sham of a parody during which you will:

  • abandon EVA at the motorcycle crash site because stupid kid Snake landed on her wrong
  • meet The Hunger - the long forgotten seventh member of The Boss's Cobra Unit
  • collect different kinds of snakes in the sizeable Zaozyorje forest to aid and abet The Hunger (who, supposedly, will help you take care of The Boss)
  • allow 10-15 minutes for gameplay (in the spirit of MGS, she is dialogue-heavy 0_o)

Enjoy & thanks for peeking or playing! Notes & tossed tomatoes are always welcome :)

thanks be to Adam for Bitsy and Mark for the bitsy audio tool

DISCLAIMER: This game is a parody. I do not own the copyright to the Metal Gear Franchise or any of the characters featured in this game including; Naked Snake, EVA, The Boss, the Cobra Unit (mentioned), etc. I have nothing but respect for the creators, developers, designers of the original Snake Eater (including Kojima) and so, obviously, I am not looking to make any money off of my cheap little browser game.

music by me & can be found here

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Made withbitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Casual, Cute, Funny, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, Sprites, Surreal


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I don't know why you call this a "parody". This is exactly how I remember the last arc of MGS3 going back when I used to speedrun European Extreme - FOXHOUND rank lmao 

This is a charming little game. Maybe I'm biased because I love MGS3, but I really liked this. The humor was fun, I loved your tilesets, and the music weirdly fits the overall vibe that was this game!

Thanks for putting this together :D

Thanks for your ridiculously generous comment & feedback! (Ridiculous, in a wonderful MGS sense 😉 ). The fact that you are someone who loves that game as much as I do & that you can still tolerate a bootleg Bitsy rewriting of the game's ending means that I sure must have done something right. Major impressed that you could do those Extreme speedruns. Respect!