It's been such a sad end to a sad week. Just a pixsy-addled bitsy diary dedicated to the one and only SOPHIE and some of the thoughts I had while listening to all sorts of music. Love you!!!

☁ clouds ☁ (bitsy jam) ☁ - cheered me up & helped me get these feelings out

submission to the Queer Games Bundle 2021. note: I have asked the hosts of the jam that I not receive any money from the sales of the bundle for this submission out of respect to SOPHIE, SOPHIE's family, and those who love SOPHIE the whole world over!

Thank you's

Adam for Bitsy

ruin for pixsy

References (in chronological order)

here's a spotify playlist of very nearly every song SOPHIE produced

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GenreVisual Novel
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TagsBitsy, bitsyjam, devotional, Music, Pixel Art, Short, silent, Singleplayer, tribute, zine


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Thank you for this, absolutely a sucker for this type of dithering, the colors were outstanding, I discovered SOPHIE back in 2015 when Lemonade came out, it was grating piece of music that I didn't understand at the time but I felt absolutely connected to it for some reason, she came at a time where my trans journey needed an outlet to let me rummage through my own thoughts and what it meant to be me. Today, I absolutely love SOPHIE and her music, I have fallen for the genre that she introduced to and tales she showed me, (all of us). I miss her every day. I appreciate that this piece exists.

♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you for sharing. I relate so much! The reason I invoke The Knife's Silent Shout in the bitsy is because I had a similar moment when I heard Karin's pitched vocals and it was so visceral and strange I had no idea that electronic music could make me feel that way. Flash forward to the years you describe and SOPHIE was one of the few artists I felt was breaking new ground through her tireless dedication to pushing electronic music further and further while also keeping it hot and fun (and vulnerable!) as opposed to cold and dull. Have others come close since, three years later? Maybe?? I think most are still trying their very hardest to emulate and/or chase SOPHIE but they haven't caught up yet. "You don't know what you've got til it's gone." Goodness I miss SOPHIE too!!!! 


This is so incredible!!!! I never even realized it was possible to do something like this in Bitsy!!! Really had me thinking about SOPHIE's impact on music but also art (especially new internet media), and trans women's impact on music and gaming in general :')


Thank you kindly, friend! That was my full intention and as a total scatterbrained grieving egghead it's a relief that I actually managed to get that across. They gotta know!!!!!


10/10 good game 

This is beautiful, used it during  guest lecture of game-as-zines in the "alternative media" class of my friends, hopefully some of those folks will play this and experience this. It's okay to cry


<('o'<) thank you, Ondrej! SOPHIE 'til the end of time! I thank you for sharing this Bitsy diary during your guest lecture - all I can hope for is that more people discover SOPHIE's music and keep SOPHIE's memory alive ♡♡♡


<3 <3 <3 Thank you! My favourite tracks produced by SOPHIE are It's Your Life and My Forever: 

Everybody's got to own their bodyyyyyy <3 WOW, I'd never seen this video before! Thanks so much for sharing <3 I hear echoes of SWEAT in It's Your Life & am in love!!! SOPHIE forever & ever <3





really beautiful!! been listening to immaterial on repeat this week. thank u for this homage

Ugh! Yet another SOPHIE tune that may be impossible to tire of!!!! So happy you enjoyed this lil homage <3 :') thank you

Such a lovely homage <3

Thank you :') <3