An unofficial GB tribute to those green-screened clown strippers from hell if they were dropped into an alt Earthbound universe (in which the iconic World Of Wonder basement is kind of like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks).

This is a sequel and full update to the demo, Thanks For Nothing, that can be played here.


  • 20 mins average runtime
  • the universe of UNHhhhbound is comprised of inter-dimensional escapades, haunted labyrinths, cursed portraits, mountain biking vampire witches, talking posters of Julia Roberts who are prone to oversharing, giant flies, and lots of other surreal bullshit.... if all of this is your cup of tea, this self-indulgent nightmare might be for you
  • soooo many quests, side hustles and encounters, and three (3) separate endgame scenarios (I plan on writing a walkthrough)


w, a , s , d - move around

z - interact/continue

enter/return - brings up the checklist menu for the completely optional treasure hunt in the game

SAVE INFO - as far as I know, this only works if you have a ROM or cartridge. Saving is not possible in this browser build of the game.


includes a spritesheet of all the ghouls, gals, and goblins from the game plus a GBStudio friendly background pack so you, too, can insert a mildly satanic, spine-tingling eyeball labyrinth in your projects (.aseprite + .png files)


incessant thank you's to the following:

  • Chris,  wizard of GBStudio
  • David, oracle of Aseprite
  • Rhys, conjuror behind some of the lovely GB-style assets I used for this game. Assets can be found here and here.
  • leafthief for the GB cartridge & box which you can check out here.
  • SodaDev for some fonts I found here.
  • AJ Booker for the Fantasy .mod music pack I used. The pack can be found here.
  • BARBIE: THE SLASHER MOVIE palette by me and can be found here.
  • The many movie, celebrity, and pop culture quotes I bastardize throughout the dialogue and interactions, it's whateva
  • Last but not least; World Of Wonder, Pete, Jeff, Ron, Fena, Trixie, and Katya for without whom this abomination certainly wouldn't exist (I'm so sorry).

PLEASE inform me of any bugs and/or game-breaking disasters!! This GBStudio game has been tested relentlessly by me and me alone so please let me know if there's anything weird. I'm super new to game dev so I really appreciate criticism and hatred right now. I can handle it!

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGB Studio
TagsCute, Dreams, Game Boy, Horror, NSFW, Pixel Art, Queer, Retro, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour




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How do I download this as a ROM? 🧐

Sorry, that's not an option for this project. In this build, it's playable via browser only. Were you hoping to emulate it on your computer for personal use?

Ah I see - I was planning on emulating on my Retroid Pocket 2+!