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Laughingstock Apocalypse REDUX

Odd things keep happening in the tranquil Styrofoam Grove.

Play this single player 3D adventure and uncover the secrets surrounding the Grove and its shady, otherworldly inhabitants.

Playtime? 30 minutes minimum

Free? Yes! Although tips are greatly appreciated.

OS Versions: Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Recommendations: Try to play this game in one sitting (no save), play with mouse and keyboard

Do I need to play Laughingstock Apocalypse 1? No. It's free-to-play and available here. Don't expect anything flashy - three sandboxes to explore but nothing in terms of gameplay.

Full list of credits available HERE (.pdf) & included with download of the demo (.pdf)


Submission to LSDJam 2023:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Creepy, Cute, Fantasy, Godot, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Surreal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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LSAR_Win_v0.3.rar 148 MB
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LSAR_Linux_v0.3.rar 149 MB

Development log


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Hey man, I already send you an email with details for a commission, hope you're ok

Deleted 18 days ago

Thanks a lot for the heads up! headcleaner.hq@gmail[dot]com is my email

Deleted 18 days ago

hey, for the next game, how about a shooter? Seriously, this one could use a bit more "pew-pew" action to balance out all the deep thinking!

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't really see the purpose of adding traditional shooter mechanics to this project, hence, catapulting cows and rocks in a silly manner. There's a bottomless supply of shooters to play these days, don't you think? I appreciate the feedback! My next project might be something you'll be into as it'll incorporate shooting mechanics via pest control.


This was really great game and sound very good I enjoyed playing the game well done keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I’m glad you enjoyed playing it.


Your game starts at 10:15. Excellent game! We enjoyed the character interactions and exploring the locations so much that we forgot to save any cows. The puzzles were good and useful as it gave a reason to look around and throw things all over the place. We found one possible bug but please don't fix it as it is fun to use. If you pick up a rock you're standing on, the rock will fly upwards and the player can ride it in to the sky. Keep up the good work. 

Thanks so much for the feature! This video is awesome - consider me a fan. Lil biscuit - I’m sorry the spiders were so rude 😝


Thoughts (mostly recorded while playing):

- Holy shit this main menu music slaps. Hell yeah. Also the confirmation noise is in key, and the new game button is deeper and more intense, love that

- Dear christ the mouse sensitivity is high by default

- The gradient sun is charming

- Why do you have to take the cows through the main door

- What is with these music choices for the cassettes

- Transporting these cows is very tedious

- Whyyyy does my player collide with the cows

- Why 7 cows. Why so many. Please.

- Finally, entering The Chasm. So much of a relief to not have to carry cows around and hear those cassettes.

- I like the gag of the rocks being named after genres of rock music.

- I'm back. Oh god, the cassetes are back.

- Ending. Guess I have to wait for the conclusion in Laughingstock Apocalypse 3.

My favorite part was the main menu music.

(1 edit)

Thanks for your overly thoughtful feedback. Gives me a really good sense of what changes I should make in the next update of this game (this is just a demo). Did you know that you can throw the cows very far in the direction of the barn? It’s supposed to be very cartoonish. Also, you don’t have to do the cow collect. It’s meant to be tedious like farm work. You can go straight to the Chasm. Did you go inside the cottage? If not, let me know because I should probably make that more clear in an update as well. Thank you again.


Yes, I went inside the cottage, although only at the end before I played hide and seek.

I tried throwing the cows, but picking them up was very inconsistent and only seemed to work half the time, so it was faster to just pick one up and carry it in most cases.

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback